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Owl Panel Petroglyphs Moab Utah

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Owl Panel Moab Utah

The Owl Panel and Big Man petroglyph is one of the most well preserved piece of rock art in the Moab area, especially given its proximity to town.

Owl Panel Petroglyph

The owl is well defined and has a much crisper look as compared to other panels in the area. While observing rock art, take care to never touch the petroglyphs. Luckily, even though this panel is within 150 yards of a major road it has no damage unlike most every other panel in the Moab area. It really makes me sick to know someone would purposefully destroy these preciouses historical and cultural items.

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Rock art near owl panel

In addition to the Owl and Big Man, there are several other designs here. If you are really into looking at rock art panels this is a great area, there are many other additional rock art site along Kane Creek Drive. This is one of the best areas in Moab for finding petroglyphs. We spent a week in the area while staying at our 10A7 Moab Vacation Rental exploring for rock art. Another good near by sites along Kane Creek Road are the petroglyphs along the trail to the Magic Theater Arch.

Corona Arch Hike Moab

Since this hike is very short it makes for one of the best winter hikes in Moab, or a short Moab hike in general. As long as the snow is not too deep, you should have no problem completing this hike. Expect the hike to take about 45 minutes from the Cliffhanger / Captain Ahab parking lot, if someone can drop you off or will wait in the car one could do this complete hike in less than 20 minutes by starting where the Cliff Hanger Jeep trail leaves Kane Creek Road.

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Though I refer this site as the Owl Panel, it is sometimes also referred to as the Big Man Panel. Note there multiple sites with the Big Man name so using that name can be confusing. There is some exposure along the edge of the cliff so I would not recommend this hike for kids or dogs even though it is a short Moab hike.

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