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Edge of Cedars State Park Museum

Updated: Mar 18

Ancient Pottery from Moab Area

While visiting Southeastern Utah, have you ever wondered about those who came before you, not last week but other cultures. Sure, if you drive through the area going 60 miles an hour you likely have no idea what I am talking about. If you take the time to get out and look around either by hiking or exploring on an off-road vehicle you will start to notice things. First you may notice a sign pointing to rock art in the form of a petroglyph or pictograph or if you are lucky a grainery. If you spend enough time looking at these beautiful wonders, you start to develop an eye for locating them. Then you start to notice they are literally everywhere, there is hardly a canyon wall without some drawing on it.

After you learn to spot the rock art next you will likely start to notice where ancient ruins are such as graineries or cliff dwellings. I often spend much of my time in the Moab area exploring and looking for these locations. Finding them is half the fun, getting to them is the other half and typically involves a side by side or bike ride combined with a hike.

I visited the Edge of Cedars State Park Museum a few years ago and I thought it was very interesting. However, lately, I have been wanting to go back and revisit the museum after discovering so many cool ruins and ancient structures on Cedar Mesa and around Moab. So on a recent winter visit to Moab Adventure Condo I knew it was time to make another trip.

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Edge of Cedars Museum

My family and I packed a few snacks and made the little over an hour scenic drive south to Blanding. What I found at the museum was even better than what I remembered. There are numerous displays in the museum that explain the types of pottery and wares that have been found. The displays give the history of when and how the items were made. Also of interest were the explanations for when and what the colors mean.

One thing I did not realize was just how plentiful the pottery once was in the area. Many ruins contained bowls, but they have mostly been carried away by vandals. Thankfully the museum has saved many important pieces of history for all to enjoy.

Cedar Mesa Pottery

Many of the items on display at the Edge of Cedars Museum came from the local area, mainly on and around Cedar Mesa. Cedar Mesa itself is like a living breathing museum set in Southern Utah just waiting for the curious to explore. There is hardly a canyon or cliff that doesn't have some link to the past. All around you can find ruins, many with corncobs and pottery shards just lying around. If you have a capable vehicle, you could visit some of the sites such as Lewis Lodge or Beef Basin. Those areas have many interesting structures just waiting to be discovered. Even if you don't have a dedicated off-road vehicle there is plenty to see. The museum itself is home to a large ruin with a kiva.

Anazazi Pottery

Interested in seeing the Edge of Cedars Museum and State Park? Are you planning a trip to Southeastern Utah? If you are, we hope you will consider Moab Adventure Condo for your lodging. For about the price of a hotel you and your family and friends can have an entire house to yourself. No more cramped hotels.

If you find this post interesting, visit some of our other posts in our vacation guide. We are sure to have something of interest to the explorer at heart.

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