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Mother's Guide to Moab Vacation Planning

Updated: Mar 18

moab vacation planning

Arches National Park, red rocks, amazing canyon walls, high desert solitude, all this can be found in Moab Utah!

Let me tell you a little bit about what goes into a seriously relaxing vacation in Moab, Utah is like for me, as a mom.

For starters we always stay at one of Moab Adventure Condo's vacation rentals. I don't consider being crammed into a Moab hotel room a vacation. When I go on a trip be it Moab or Kanab I want my family to have room.

city market moab utah

On the first day of our arrival we always stop at the City Market for groceries to stock the fridge. I would consider our family to be healthy eaters and City Market has a good selection of organic foods. The store has a great produce selection that should be good enough for most all vegans and vegetarians. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, we always try to cook as much as possible at the condo to avoid crowds and save money. Trips I’ve taken where I did not have a home base like the condo I always miss fresh fruit, scrambling eggs the way I like them, or just having the option of eating dinner in my sweatpants! So after we’ve loaded up with plenty of all our favorites, we drive the short 5 miles south to the condo and unload. From the time City Market opens till the time they close, the store is always jammed packed with tourist.

moab family trip planning

Our first day may be a hike, or a side by side ride. Either way, we like to pack a cooler with lunch, snacks, fresh fruit and drinks. Being out in nature all day makes everyone hungry! Some of the best picnics are the ones where you eat on the trail or find an awesome rock to sit on and just admire your surroundings. I find that these experiences are always the ones that remain in my memory long afterwards.

moonflower market moab utah

Moab is a large area with no services outside of town so the cooler is the most important thing not to forget. We can be hiking in the greatest scenery of all time but if I have a hungry kid or worse dad, it can bring down the entire experience. If I am in a hurry we may just stop by Subway and get sandwiches to go. If you want a vegan or organic sandwich or bowl of soup you can always stop at the Moonflower Coop.

moab utah vacation rental

Coming back to the condo after a day out, we like to keep dinner simple. Spaghetti is one easy meal that we all like, so after getting a hot shower, I like to put on those comfy lounge clothes and start some dinner. Keeping the meals simple means easy clean up too, and with all of us working together it gets wrapped up quickly. All of our vacation rentals come with crockpots, making it possible to prepare and have a roast or soup cooking while we are out for the day, and then it is ready to go once we arrive back home.

most relaxing views in moab

Many people have good intentions of using the kitchen but don't plan correctly and they are worn out by the end of the day and end up at a restaurant. Restaurants are nice from time to time but to me, they often just add more stress to a long day and they start getting expensive fast.

Sitting back after a long day and watching the sunset on the patio or from the kitchen table is such a nice ending to the day. No fighting the crowds for a table at a restaurant, no waiting for the check, just pure relaxation in the comfort of the condo! I don't mean to brag, but really check out the view from the kitchen table at Vacation Renal 7A2. Just trying to be honest here but the hotels downtown don't have views like this.

Moab vacation rental with pool

There are days when I stay at the condo while everyone else but a few go exploring. I can enjoy the pool, walk the neighborhood, or just read on the patio. These are the days I may have a more involved meal for dinner. It’s great to have a hot dinner waiting for everyone when they come in from the trail. A great time is had as everyone gathers to eat and all the stories from the day are recounted.

When the whole family is ready for a slower day, there are basketball courts, a playground, and two pools available and included in the condo amenities. The hot tub in the evening is a favorite for some to meet other travelers and share stories about their time exploring the area.

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