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Moab UTV Rentals and UTV Guide to best trails for first time UTVers - Hell's Revenge

Hells Revenge At Sunset

If you have been researching things to do in Moab, you have likely encountered a lot of posts about UTVs or seen lots of pictures of these funny looking cars with big tires. For starters, UTVs go by several names: UTV, SxS, side-by-side, off-road vehicles, buggies, ATVs(kinda), and I'm sure there are others. UTVs are purpose built multiseat offroad vehicles. Most have either 2 or 4 seats, but some have up to 6. These vehicles can go just about anywhere, depending on how modified they are. The reason they are so popular is that even though they are expensive, they are only a fraction of the price of an equally equipped Jeep.

Before you start your off-roading adventure, there are a few things to know. If you are bringing your own UTV and it is street legal (you went to the DMV and got a tag), be aware that there is a 15 mph speed limit on all city roads. You can ride on the state highway if you can maintain highway speed. I typically find it easier to simply trailer to the trailhead.

Canam Maverick Hells Revenge Moab

If you are renting your UTV, I suggest one of two trails: Hell's Revenge or Chicken Corners. I own my UTV, but the first few times I visited Moab, I rented from Highpoint Hummer. You can ride directly to the Hell's Revenge trailhead from their rental location. There are several large parking lots if you are trailering. One would think Hell's Revenge is extremely difficult due to how steep the trail is. However, once you can make your mind accept that your tires will stick to the rock no matter the angle, you will see that the trail is not overly difficult.

Hell's Revenge UTV Trail

Though your tires will stick to the trail, I can guarantee you that this will be the tightest you have ever squeezed your butt. The butt squeezing is especially true if this is your first time on a UTV. Don't let this scare you away. This is an awesome adventure that you will be talking about for years to come. Think of it this way: if it was really all that dangerous, do you think the rental companies would send hundreds of people per day out here?

hell's revenge the abyss

If I could tell people who are exploring Hell's Revenge one thing, it would be to get out of the machine and explore the area. Yes, the machines are awesome and fun, but the scenery is so epic that you must take time to absorb it. This location is call the Abysse, when you walk to the edge you will understand how it got its name. To be truthful, you never can really get to the edge. Use extreme caution in these areas, hold your kid's hands, and keep your dogs on their leashes.

Moab Utah Vacation Rentals
mickey's hot tub moab utah

The main Hell's Revenge trail is straightforward. Though steep, it is not a hazard to your vehicle. However, there are a number of side obstacles or challenges that can damage your SxS. Pictured here is Mickey's Hot Tub. People drive into the hole and then try to get out. A quick search on YouTube will show you a number of fails.

the escalator moab

Another famous obstacle is the Escalator, which is essentially a steep crack in the rock that people try to drive up. There are also a number of fail videos here. I have never tried to drive the Escalator; the fail videos scare me too much. But truth be told, I have faced many other more difficult obstacles in the area without thinking too much about it, or I got caught in a situation where I was already past the point of no return and had to continue.

Fin n Things trail moab

If you want to extend your time in the area, I would recommend you check out the Fins n Things trail. I often start with Fins n Things before going to Hell's Revenge. The fins are not as big, but they make for a good warmup.

If you prefer to let someone else do the driving, that is also okay. There are a number of tour companies that will guide you on UTVs or highly modified monster trucks. The good thing about these tours is that you will be able to see a lot more things that a normal person will miss. For example, there are a number of dinosaur tracks along the trail that a good guide will be able to show you. The guides will also take you to overlooks of the Colorado River, the La Sal Mountains, and Arches National Park, and if you are in one of their modified machines, they will take you on the Escalator.


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