Indian Ladder Moonflower Canyon

Indian Ladder @ Moonflower Canyon

Moab Tags 

We received a tip from a guy in town about a cool place named the Indian Ladder.  We asked him what it was and he said "well it's a ladder made by Indians." Dumb question right?  Well more specifically it is several logs positioned in a crack in the rocks that allows you to climb to the top of an outcropping about 30-40 feet in the air.   


My first time at the Indian Ladder was simply an embarrassment.  My two friends climbed right up but I didn't get past the first log.  To make things worse a barefoot girl told me to move and she climbed right up. 


Later that day we went to get some ice cream and who was the server?  It was none other than the girl that climbed past me.  She said, "I recognize you, you are the guy that was scared to climb the ladder"


In addition to the ladder there are quite a few petroglyphs in the area.  Take time to explore the canyon area.  The canyon itself is only a few hundred yards long at most.  If you arrive at the right time of year, the mulberry tree in the parking area will be loaded with fruit.

Directions: From the center of town turn South on Kane Creek Road.  You will see a sign for the canyon parking area on the left in about 3 miles