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Wipeout Hill Trail Moab

Monitor & Merrimac to Wipeout Hill

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Wipeout hill is one option on the way to do the Sevenmill Rim Trail that allows you to make a larger loop.  As you near the Monitor and Merrimac Buttes you will notice that trail surface changes as you leave Courthouse Pasture, gone is the sand.  It has been replaced by barren rock that has been scraped clean by the wind rushing between the buttes. 


Merrimac Butte wipeout hill

This off camber area is just after Burnt Toast Rock, you can still see Merrimac Butte in the background.  This is good place to stop for a lunch break along the trail.  It was too windy near the buttes to eat.  I could only imagine the wind feeling like the open door on an oven in August. 

wipeout hill moab

I've seen videos of people rolling over on this hill on youtube.  I personally didn't even notice it as an obstacle in our Can-am Maverick XRC.  The hill was a little steep but smooth, you should not have any problem in my opinion.  

Lone Mesa Wipeout Hill

Once past Wipeout Hill the trail is mostly sandy washes but there were a few short steep areas.  This area is close to Lone Mesa.  The Lone Mesa area is known as Navajo Rocks to cyclist and is a very popular area for mountain bike enthusiast.  


The trail becomes more and more difficult to follow and one is never really sure if  they are on the correct trail or not.  We followed this sandy wash but my GPX file did not match others I had found online.  In the end all of the trails eventually lead to Old Dead Horse Point Road.

Lone Mesa Wipeout Hill

This unmarked rock ledge was more difficult than the actual Wipeout Hill.  It looks sketchy in this photo but was easy enough to get through.  My front tire sank in the sand, I simply turned on four wheel drive and kept going. From this point there are several ways to return to the start of the trail.  We continued on the 3-D Jeep Trail but quickest way would have been via Barlet Wash Road.

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