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Jeep and UTV Trailer Parking in Moab, Utah

Updated: Mar 18

Trailering a Jeep or UTV to Moab is only half the battle. What about parking? Have you even thought about where you are going to park your trailer? If you are staying at a hotel, are you sure they will even allow your rig in their parking lot? Remember hotels are in the business of renting rooms, not parking spaces.

Moab's best Trailer Parking

Why even worry about finding a place to park? At Moab Adventure Condo we have plenty of parking for your truck and trailer. No searching for parking and leaving your trailer on the side of the main highway. Every day just return home after exploring the desert and never have to worry about parking, just pull up to your vacation rental and park.

Moab UTV Vacation Rentals

Even if you are traveling with a group that has multiple trailers, there is no need to worry about your parking. There are several wide boulevards around the condos that offer plenty of parking. In the image below we have marked several wide roads built especially for trailer parking at Moab Adventure Condo. The extra parking is shown in green in relation to our Moab vacation rentals.

Moab UTV Trailer Parking

Do you have a Utah Street legal UTV and would like to ride from our condos to the trail? That is also a great option for you. Simply park your trailer in one of the green locations shown on the map above, then park in the large garages. You will have no problem fitting two full-sized Jeeps or UTVs inside.

If you have questions or concerns about your group's trailer parking, feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Moab UTV Parking

The below map shows the location of Moab Adventure Condo and some of Moab's most popular trails. For reference, the condos are located 5 miles south of the middle of downtown Moab. Moab has a 15 mph speed limit on side roads such as Spanish Valley Drive for Street Legal UTVs of 15 miles per hour. However, the city has no jurisdiction over UT Hwy 191, you will just need to be able to maintain the speed limit on that road.

Moab UTV trail map

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