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Lower tenmile canyon trail

Tenmile Canyon ATV Trail

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Lower 10 mile canyon

The Lower Tenmile Canyon Trail is a continuation of the Tenmile Canyon Trail.  At about the halfway point there is a drop in the canyon and this is were most people that explore this canyon stop.  The area shelf really isn't too difficult to get down and around, but there are several bolder fields to navigate around to continue and wider Side by Side may have a problem continuing past here.  The shelf would be a great place to stop and have a lunch break.

Can-am Maverick XRC

The bolder field will require you to make some tight turns and spotter is recommended.  We had to do a few pull up and back up on the Can-am Maverick XRC to get around this area.   However, once past these few rocks there are no more rocks to block your progress down canyon.  The trail from here on is much less used and we figured were going to end up in a spot that would be hard to get out of, luckily that never happened.

Tenmile Trail Moab Utah

As you can see, once pass the rocks the trail returns to sand.  Your next problem is the trail sees very little use and just keeps getting narrower.  If you were on a 73" machine like the Can-am X3 you would likely receive some significant scratches on your buggy. 

Moabs hidden trails

Narrower still.  For the rest of the way down this trail we were like, "this thing is fixing to end" .  However the trail just kept going and going.  This truly is one of Moab's hidden trails.

Trails near moab's airport

At this point the almost completely disappears under a cutout beneath the tall canyon walls.  Also what was once a shallow canyon is now 750 feet deep.  It is very interesting how this trail changes from a wash back near Moab's airport to huge canyon as you near the Green River.

side by side trails near the green river

During the spring time of the years or other times of high flow in the Green River the final mile of the trail will be unpassable.  If riding at one of these times it would not be worth continuing past the ledge in my opinion, as the risk of getting stuck in the mud is too great.  Also there would be no where to turn around once you reached the river. 

Trails with access to Green River

This is one of the few trails in the Moab area for SxS or dirt bikes that actually has access to the Green River.  When you get here you will feel like you are the first person ever to make it this far.  This was the best side by side adventure I've yet to have in Moab. 

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