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tenmile canyon trail

Tenmile Canyon ATV Trail

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Levi Well Road Moab

Sometimes everything aligns and you have that perfect adventure!  This is what Tenmile Canyon was for us.  I've read all of the guide books and been to most trails in them or on maps but this trail was in neither.  Maybe the sense of discovery is why I have such fond memories of this trail .


To reach the trail you make a long but fast and easy ride on Ten Mile Road then Levi Well Road. 

Ten mile canyon overlook

After a long ride on Levi Well Road the road will go up and through a large open divide and you will cross a small wash.  At about 1 mile past this you will come to an info sign about the big horn sheep population in the area.  This also marks the start of Cow Freckles Trail, a short walk down this dirt bike only trail will lead you to this scenic overlook.  10 Mile Canyon is wide an shallow at this point, nothing to indicate the adventure that awaits you. 

dripping springs cowboy camp

The next stop you will want to make is at the dripping spring cattle camp.  This is a neat place to explore and wonder what it might have been like to be a cowboy in the old west far from anywhere.  How would you pass the cold lonely nights?  You can check our more info on this location on our youtube channel.  

upper ten mile canyon

Our initial goal on this trip with our Can-am Maverick was the Crystal Spring Geyser near Green River but after a stop at the cowboy camp we decided to look for the camps namesake dripping spring.  My cousin walled down the trail that looked like it surely deadened in a few yards.  To speed things up some I went to pick him up and save him the walk back.  Once back together we continued down the trail and it just kept going and going.  

archaeological sites in utah tenmile

As you explore down the canyon you can't help but wonder who might have come before you.  Though we did not find any standing ruins in Tenmile Canyon we did find this site that was marked with an archaeological sign asking people not to disturb the area inside of this large alcove.  There was also the start of a large arch to the right of this alcove. 

10 mile canyon side by side trail

The alcove we stopped at was not the only one, there were many just waiting to be explored.  I hope to someday to return and take my kids on a camping trip here.  I would like to spend a few days exploring the area.  If you are like me, you want to know what is down each little side canyon or in each alcove.

10 mile canyon atv trail

The farther you go down the canyon the higher the walls get.  Notice the walls are higher but the canyon is still wide, that is all about to change.

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