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Dry Fork Lavender Canyon

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Moab Side by Side Tags

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I had seen Lavender Canyon on my maps and guide books for a while. I never really gave it much interest since Side by Sides are not allowed in Canyonlands National Park.  However, since we were camping nearby and had the time I figured we could give it a try as I had seen several arches from Bridger Jack Mesa and wondered if we could get to them.  So with a packed lunch we set out to see what we could find. 

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Lavender Canyon, like many canyons in the area such as Davis Canyon, starts out as a wide wash with distant walls of wingate sandstone.  As you continue up the wash, the walls slowly close in on you forming a true canyon.  This long ride could be a little boring for some but it was a blast on the Kawasaki Teryx 4 and Can-am Maverick XRC.  There is nothing like zooming through the wide washing at 45 miles an hour.

Double Arch Lavender Canyon.JPG

Just before you reach the boundary for Canyonlands National Park there is a side trail to the left, this is "Dry Fork of Lavender Canyon".  The trail is much less used than the main trail through Lavender Canyon proper and the canyon looks like it can't go far.  However, the trail does continue for a mile or two and passes several small arches.  Though the arches are small they have character, like this double arch.

Canam Maverick XRC.JPG

Not far after the double arch you will see the alcove arch at the top of the page also on the left.  

Just past these arches is one of the best camping spots in Moab.  The canyon makes a bend to the left and has carved this huge alcove out on the right with an arch in its center.  It was like driving our Can-am Maverick into giant garage, thus it's name Garage Arch .  There is already an established fire ring in the alcove.  I can't wait to get back down to this area and do some camping. 

Culebra Double arch.jpg

The side by side trail really doesn't go much past Garage Arch but it's neat to explore on foot to these really beautiful arches.  Their names are Culebra Double Arch.  Though not huge, they are sizable and have a very unique shape that kinda looks like a huge caterpillar slowly making it's way across the rock bench.  

Culebra Arch Canyonlands.jpg

Culebra Arch is as far as we made it.  Maybe on our next trip we can explore up the canyon a little farther or get on top so we can look down into Lavender Canyon inside of Canyonlands National Park.

Lavender Canyon is locate on the south side of Hwy 211 just outside of Canyonlands National Park.

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