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5 Faces Pictograph Side by Side Trail

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Moab Side by Side Tags


Davis Canyon is the start of an extensive canyon network in and just east of the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park that includes Davis Canyon and Lavender Canyon.  Davis Canyon is open to vehicle use as far as national park boundary.


Many describe the canyon as a boring ride and it likely is for Jeeps but if you have a side by side the wash is a blast.  It is a lot of fun speeding down the open wash at 45 miles an hour.   

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Can-am Maverick XRC mudflaps

The deeper into Davis Canyon you go the narrower the trail will become.  The wide open wash eventually narrows down to a single trail to follow.  You will also start to notice more trees and shrubs.  

It had snowed the night before our ride and the wash was a little wet.  Our Can-am Maverick XRC got covered in mud.  However, our Kawasaki Tery4 had no mud.  We ordered mud flaps after this ride.

Davis Canyon Ruins Canyonlands National Park

Just before you reach the boundary for Canyonlands National Park there is a side trail to the right in a group of cottonwood trees.  This trail leads to a small parking area and just above you will see a small ruin on the ledge.  It is a neat place to spend a few minutes exploring.  There is a second ruin to the right around the corner but it is basically gone.  

Please never touch ruins!!!


Shortly after the ruin we returned to the main trail and continued to the national park boundary.  The entrance is well marked and you can drive past it.  Don't worry it is a short hike to the Five Faces Panel, so get out and stretch your legs some.  It would be a sham to miss this site because you didn't want to walk a quarter of a mile.


If you visit this site in the spring you will be greeted with lots of wild flowers.  The hike is very short from the boundary.  You will be looking for a small canyon to your right.  I think it was the second one, use the GPX file available above for the exact location.  The panel about 20 feet above ground level.  Look at the second layer of rocks in the photo, that is were it is.

5 Faces Canyonlands National Park

The 5 Faces are 2000 - 6000 years old but looks like they could have been painted yesterday.  Please respect your heritage and DO NOT TOUCH them.  View them and leave them as you found them so the next generation can enjoy them also.  

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