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Moab's Hidden Hikes

Activities & Vacation Guide

So you made it to Moab, now what?  Unlike most vacation destinations, where a quick search of top 10  things to see or do in that town will just about cover everything, Moab is different.  Sure you can do those top 10 things in Moab but just about everyone else will be doing them too.  People feel drawn to Moab because they want see the west and imagine what it was like in the pioneer days.  Well if you are in a line to see something, you are not going to feel much like a pioneer.

We've put together this guide for you to explore some of the hidden gems of the area and have the place to yourself.  So grab your hiking boots or a helmet and don't forget your camera and lets start exploring.


Hikes from 5 minutes to 10 hours. 

What are you up for?

Find Moab's best kept secrets in addition to the most popular trails.

best kid activities moab

Find the best kid friendly activities in Moab that the entire family will enjoy.

Short hikes, water parks, frisbee golf, sledding


Sometimes the best way to get to that hidden hike in Moab is to use an Off-Road vehicle.


If there is one thing Moab has it's plenty of variety when it comes to dining out. Here are a few of our favorites, including a few vegetarian options.


Arches National Park is world famous for it's natural arches but the arches are are not limited to that location.  Find arches that not on the tourist map and get the perfect Instagram photo


Moab is world famous for mountain biking but don't count out the areas road cycling.  Find the best trails and routes for your ability level, from beginner to expert. 

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