Moab Cycling Guide
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Are you in Moab or Colorado?  You might just forget when you start on the Whole Enchilada Trail.  The trail nears the treeline in an alpine setting over one of the area's highest passes.

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The M.O.A.B. Climb, short for Mother of All Bike Climbs is a 7500' gravel climb from the center of town to the top of the La Sal Mountains.  This is the biggest gravel climb in the United States.

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Moab's most famous trail, The Whole Enchilada, is an epic ride over all the terrain Moab has to offer.  Huge vistas, ledges to jump, single and double track.  Are you ready?

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Maybe the most enjoyable cycling route in Moab.  Climb at a steady grade for as long as you like then cost all the back.  If you have a gravel bike you can extend your as far as you like.

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Ready to test Moab's more technical trails but scared to tackle an all day trail?  Captain Ahab may be the perfect Moab trail for you.  Technical enough to get the blood flowing but short enough to get out of if rock drops are not your thing.

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