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Accessing Trails From Moab Adventure Condo

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Moab Adventure Condo is located about 5 miles south of Moab in what is know as Spanish Valley.  

If your UTV, SxS, Jeep etc is street legal you can ride to many of the areas popular trails directly from our town homes without having to transport your vehicle to the trails.  

Use Spanish Valley Drive at the back of the Rim Vista development to get to town and many of the popular trails.  There is nothing cooler than taking the kids to get an ice cream on the SxS


Parking Your Toys

All of our Moab condos have large double garages.  We like to park our UTVs inside the garage and leave our cars outside.

Our townhomes have the best trailer parking in Moab, Utah.  For all condos except 7A2 you can park a smaller trailer in front of the garage.  Rim vista has wide roads so there is room to park large trailers even if they will not fit directly in front of the garage.  7A2 has parking available in the cul de sac next to the condo.


If you have a really big trailer like a goose neck the best parking in Rim Vista is on Meador DR.  I would recommend condos 6A8 or 8A3 for this.



Don't have ATV or UTV and want to rent one?  Almost all rental Side by Sides in Moab are street legal but you would want to confirm this with the rental company first.  

If you do a multi day rental you can easily ride your rental from the rental place to the trail, park the UTV in our condo's garage over night and ride other trails tomorrow all without needing a trailer.  



One this page you and basically everywhere else is lots of jargon.

What is a....

Dirt Bike - two wheels and sits one rider.  Not recommended for a rental unless you have experience riding one.

ATV -  four wheels typically sits only 1 rider.  Pros - each person gets to drive.  Cons - less social, easy for you to miss cool scenery.  Also known at Quads or 4-wheelers

UTV - four wheels and sits 2, 4 or even six passengers.  This is the most popular rental in Moab.  With multiple seats the cost per user is actually cheaper than an ATV.  A great way for families to have an unique experience together.  If one person spots something cool they can point it out to others.  Kids can go.  Less experience needed to operate.  Also known at Side by Sides, SxS, buggies, carts.


Finding Trails

How do you find trails in Moab?  What trails are best for my ability?  I would suggest purchasing the guide book "Guide to Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive-Trails".  This book will guide you to the popular Moab trails.  Even though the book was originally for Jeeps, the 3rd addition has all the UTV info you need.  You can also check our trail guide here


Most first timers to Moab will want to check out these trails, Fins & Things, Hell's Revenge, Kane Creek Road to Hurrah Pass to Chicken Corners.  Moab Adventure Condo also has sister website with most of these trails listed at 

Ride your UTV, Side by Side, Atv, Jeep or Quads directly from Moab Adventure Condo to many of Moabs best trails without having to use a trailer.  Best part is the condos have large double garages to parking in so you don't have to worry about people messing with your vehicle at night or while you are out in your car.  

Find a condo now.

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