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Tukuhnikivatz Arch

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We have made it an annual ritual to visit Moab on Spring Break.  The weather is perfect with deep blue skies and mild temperatures. If you know where to look, you can have the place to yourself.  We always stay at Moab Adventure Condo and were looking for a short side by side trip to do one afternoon without having to load up and haul our SxS.  After a short debate, we decide to head to Tukuhnikivatz Arch.

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The trail to Tukuhnikivatz Arch, also known as Tuk Arch, can be mild or wild.  If you have a capable vehicle, you can short cut the trail by taking the Behind The Rocks Jeep Trail which starts directly on Hwy 191 just a few miles from the town house where we were staying.  The Behind The Ricks Trail is very difficult and is recommend for experienced drivers only.  Since this was family trip, we started from the Picture Frame Arch trail.


The views of the Behind The Rocks area start almost immediately. Take your time and get a few good photos.  The first big stop along the trail is Moab Rim Arch.  This is a very large arch right on the edge of the rim high above the valley.  Though large, the arch is not very photogenic since it is backed by a large sandstone fin.  


The Tuk Arch trail follows closely, but not too close for comfort, the canyon rim.  After about 1.2 miles from the split with the Behind The Rocks Trail, you will come to a small parking area with great views.  Just make sure you have a good parking brake before taking a photo.  


By Moab standards, Tuk Arch is very small.  However, it's not always the size that counts.  This little arch is special because of the way it frames Mt Tuk and the La Sal Mountain.  The reason spring season is a good time to visit is because the La Sal Mountains will have snow on them thus creating good contrast for your photos.  


Spoiler Alert!!! From the parking area, it is still about a 1/4 mile scramble to the arch.  The hike is actually very exciting for the kids.  We spent a few minutes at the arch but about an hour climbing around on the rocks behind the arch.  The sandstone domes of the Behind The Rocks area seam to go on and on.

Another cool thing about the arch is trying to spot it from Hwy 191 when you drive south of Moab.

Since we were staying with our Kawasaki Tery 4 side by side at Moab Adventure Condo, it was a short trip to this trail.  We were able to ride directly from their double garage and south on Spanish Valley Road to the trailhead without having to trailer our vehicle.  As the raven flies arch is only about 3 miles from the town home.  If you look closely you, will be able to spot the condo from the arch.

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