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Zion Adventure Home


Welcome to beautiful Zion Adventure Home in located in  Kanab, Utah.  This lovely home is your base camp for exploring the golden circle of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  

The house features a huge solid wood kitchen table with seating for 8.  If you are looking to spread out seat the kids separately there are bar stools around the kitchen island.


The spacious kitchen has all of the essentials you and your family could ever need to make that special made at home meal.  When was the last time you were able to teach your kids the joys of cooking.  So writher you are making a simply breakfast before heading out on the trail or going all in on a holiday feast, we have you covered.  


The kitchen is well stocked with a huge frig with ice maker, blender, toaster, roasting pans, just about every pot or pan you could ever need. 


Sure we love our devices and yes this home has great wifi service but isn't the point of a family vacation to catch up and get to know one another?  We have multiple family centered games you play to share your evenings.  

And after the games are over enjoy the rest of the evening on the couch infront of  the huge smart TV.  Stream all of your favorites Amazon, Nexflix, Hulu.


Life is full of difficult choices and one of the reason you are on vacation is to get away from the stresses like this.  Unfortunately you are going to be facing a few while staying with us.  You will have to decide if the views of Tom's Canyon are better from the front porch or the back porch.  We know things like this can weigh you down on your get away but I honestly think you will manage.   You could always flip a coin.


Sure you may be able to find another 4 bedroom vacation rental near Zion National Park but what about the beds?  What if you need a firm mattress, what if you need a medium or soft mattress?  Guess what?  We have you covered, each bedroom has a different firmness so you can rest assured you will wakeup each morning ready to explore the all the Kanab area has to offer. 

Guess what else we have?  Instant hot water at ever faucet.  What hotel could ever off that?

couples hike.jpg

Kanab is located in the heart of the Utah red rocks.  Less than 30 minutes to Zion National Park, a little over an hour to Bryce Canyon National Park.  Other parks in the region include Coral Pink Sand Dunes,  Lake Powel and the Grand Canyon.  Don't get me wrong, those places are awesome.  But, my favorite places are the lesser know places like Red Canyon (color photo) or the Peekaboo Slot canyon (black and White).  The slot is one a few miles from the home.

peekaboo slot canyon.jpg

Not all vacations are the same. Are you looking to do more than just check the box that you went to the same place as everyone else. Stop forcing your smiles in your vacation photos. Start experiencing the wonders of all that Mother Nature has to offer. Get out and explore new areas, get a way from all that distracts you and get back to yourself, your family, your friends. Plan a trip to Zion Adventure Home in Kanab.

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