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Elephant Canyon Utah

Druid Arch

5 plus hour hike


Druid Arch has been a bucket list hike for me for a long time. However, the hike is so long that I had to wait until the ideal time to attempt this hike. At 11.5 miles round trip, this hike took my two person group all day to complete.

5 Star Trail, Moab Utah
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If you get an early enough start, you will have the trail all to yourself on the way out. It is also important to note the parking area is small. If you arrive late, you could be extending your hike well past the parking area.

If you are considering a Moab adventure we would recommend checking out the town homes at Moab Adventure Condo.  We stayed with them and it was so nice to have room to relax and not be stuck in a cramped hotel room.  Since the cost of the rental was split between two families it actually ended up being cheaper than a hotel room and much nicer.  Not to mention the pool and hot tub were just sets from our condo.  

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