Moab Grotto Rock Art Panel

Moab Grotto Rock Art Panel, Moab UT

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Funnel Arch, also known as Cable Arch is located just off of Kane Springs Road near Moab Utah.  This exciting hike features a scramble that is just tough enough to really get your blood pumping.

Moab Flint Locations

One of the interesting things about the hike to and around the Grotto site is all of the flint chips laying around.  It is ok to look at chips but please don't remove them, let the next explorer have as much fun with them as you did.

cathedral rock art panel

There are two panels at this site.  As you crest the top of the hill you will notice several large rock formations.  One will be fenced in to keep cattle out.  To find the rock art you must crawl under the rocks and look up and you will see them on the roof of the rocks.  I've heard this place referred to as the Cathedral Rock Art Panel.    

Moab Grotto Hand Prints Moab

The Moab Grotto itself is well hidden but not far from the first set of rocks.  To find it from the rocks of the Cathedral walk exactly away from your car to the lowest point water would drain from.  Walk uphill here until a small ditch starts to form, get in the ditch and scramble your way up and you will eventually enter a cave which is the grotto.  When looking across the landscape you can't see the cave.

moab grotto near arches national park moab

This panel is different than most other rock panels in the Arches and Canyonlands area.  For starters the artist was not as good as some other petroglyph artist.  Second you will notice an image of a horse, this dates this panel to after the time of Christopher Columbus, most other Moab panels are from the Fremont's and is around 900 years old. 


Maybe a buffalo or a goat?  You decide.  FYI, the images are easier to see through the screen on your phone than with your naked eye.

antelope Moab.JPG

Both times I've been here I have seen antelope in the area.

grotto cave.jpg

Inside of the Grotto, its almost a cave and can't been seen from above.

This site can be reached via a truck / SUV with care.  I recommend a side by side if you have one available.  Note:  the only thing blocking passenger cars from getting to this site is crossing a dirt pile that appears once belonged to a dam?  Other than that is it very easy drive.  There is a parking area at the start of the hike in a small culdisac.  

From the south side of the Moab Airport take Blue Hills Road to unmarked 10 Mile Canyon Road.  Go over first hill on 10 Mile and start looking for a short dead end road on the left.  There will be an old closed road bed at the parking area, this is the start of the hike..