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La Sal Pass, Moab Ut

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If you are like me it is difficult to go to Moab and not feel like the mountains in the distance are not calling your name.  I can especially hear them calling in the late summer when the temperatures are the highest in Moab. 

There are two ways to get to La Sal Pass, one is a easy but a long drive into Colorado and around the back of the mountain.  The other way is via difficult Pack Creek Road and is described here. 

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A normal road will take you through the Pack Creek Ranch area and you might start to think this is going to be an easy ride.  However, just past Pack Creek the road abruptly changes to a high clearance 4x4 trail and begins a long climb.  You don't have to go very far until the views overlooking the Moab desert start.  


The lower portions of the trail look like typical Moab terrain but as you get higher up the sandstone will go way to granite.  

Mt Peale Moab Utah.JPG

Eventually the junipers will give way to the small scrub oaks.

Mt Tuk Pond.JPG

Near the top you will find several small ponds.  Later in the summer they can dry up so they might not be there if you go in August or September.  

La Sal Pass Snow.JPG

Remember at 10,000 feet the winter last a long time.  This picture was taken on June 4th and we were unable to make it to the pass.  Them main reason for taking this trail is to access the Mt Tuk Hike that goes all the way to the top of the mountains.  The views from up there are the best in Moab.

Moab La Sal Mine.jpg

There are some neat looking abandoned mines on the mountain.  This one looks like Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom.  The mine is  not on the main route to the top and it is not recommended to go inside. 

Since we were staying with our Kawasaki Teryx 4 side by side at Moab Adventure Condo, we were able to ride directly from their double garage and south on Spanish Valley Road to the trailhead without having to trailer our vehicle.  This route adds about 7 miles each way to the arch with about half of it being on trail.

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