Cave Springs Trail Moab Ut

Cave Spring Trail Canyonlands National Park

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Cave Spring trail in the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park is one of the best family hikes in the Moab area.  The trail features an easy but exciting hike up and over slick rock domes using ladders as it leads to an old cowboy camp at the end of the trail.

cave spring canyonlands

The best way to experience the trail is to hike it in a counter clockwise direction so you can explore the local rocks on your way to the camp.  The coolest thing about the hike is climbing the ladders to gain access to top of the rocks.  As you can see, an 8 year old had no problems with the ladders.

cave springs trail

The trail just keeps getting better as you go and it climaxes with the cowboy camp.  The camp features the relics of what life was like to be a cowboy in the Utah desert far from anyone.  

cave springs moab

Take time to take in the camp and surroundings.  Info signs will guide you along.   Note that if time is short the camp is right near the parking area if you hike the trail clockwise. My opinion is it would be a shame to miss the rest of the trail.